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Nancy Pelosi Just Unveil Her BIGGEST Lie to Date: Here’s PROOF She’s a Hypocrite

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so fed up with president Donald Trump that she can literally say anything to make everyone around believe he is the bad guy. During a press conference on Thursday, Pelosi said she yearns for more other Republican presidents.

I yearn for other Republican presidents. While we may disagree on many points, at least we had a shared commitment to the governance of our country

here’s proof that Pelosi is a hypocrite.
According to Townhall.., You know, when Pelosi called President George W. Bush a “total failure.”
“You know, God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States, a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject,” Pelosi said in 2008.
In 2004, during the Iraq War, she questioned his competence.
“I believe that the president’s leadership in the actions taken in Iraq demonstrate an incompetence in terms of knowledge, judgment and experience in making the decisions that would have been necessary to truly accomplish the mission without the deaths to our troops and the cost to our taxpayers,” she claimed.

It’s pretty obvious that she will always disagree with every Republican president. What’s your take on this, PLEASE SHARE AND LEAVE  A COMMENT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW

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